Blade Runner Mixtape

by Kris Blade

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Toxic Slime presents Kris Blade - Blade Runner Mixtape. The long awaited comeback project from 1/2 of @ToxicSlime - Kris Blade as Kris Deckard. This is a prequel of sorts to upcoming projects KB is working on to be released late in 2015.

Toxic Slime Music 2015

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released April 20, 2015





Toxic Slime Vancouver, British Columbia

Toxic Slime is a hip-hop duo from Vancouver,BC. consisting of MC's Kris Blade & R.Two.
@krisblade @rdouble604

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Track Name: Keep On Livin Prod. by Ektoe
Keep On Livin
Kris Blade Prod. by: Ektoe

(Shout outs to Ektoe, its Kris Blade, Blade Runner mixtape. What it do What it do what?)

Verse 1:

Let me tell you something man life is beautiful, never take it for granted
cherish every moment, dont be actin like you cant stand it
its a blessing, just to keep living
so take advantage of the everything you been given
thank god I’m still here, I know so many others are not
some people got sick some people got shot damn…
I just wanna live and have a family oneday
I’m sorry god if I cant go to church every sunday
I still try to live righteous, though
crime pays but I gotta make that righteous dough
9 to fivin aint enough, its kinda tough
when the system got you hooked on material stuff
Its rough, but dont let that get you down, dont you frown
take it as a life lesson and just turn it around
turn that negativity to positivity
and don’t be lettin misery hinder you capability


You know clock keeps tickin the world keep spinning
as long as I’m alive and kickin I’mma keep on livin
coz the clock keeps tickin the world keep spinning
as long as I’m alive and kickin I’mma keep on livin, live on…

Verse 2:

I've seen some dark days, spent some long nights
walkin down a dark tunnel with no light in hindsight
my eyesight, mad blurry from tears I shed
looking bloodshot red, crazy thoughts runnin comin through my head
Dont wanna rest, I dont wanna go to bed
I dont feel like eating, I dont even wanna break bread
gettin wasted, all I wanted was to fuckin get away
gettin hella faded and just straight fade away
but then I’m like, you gotta make a play
it aint gonna be like this every single day
things change, people change, getting re-arranged
some people fall back they be going out of range
its kinda stange, sometimes I'm like, howd I even get here?
I dont even know if I can make it till next year
it aint fair, this life we live is so un-clear
all you can do, is keep movin say a prayer


Verse 3:

Dear lord forgive me, for being so guilty
I did a lot of dirt, and my soul is so filthy
I made some bad choices, I think I’m hearing voices
weird noises, I been living toxic, drownin in poison
so please god, lead on the right path
coz the road that I’ve walkin on is really quite bad
its quite sad, but I know it gets better
this world is cold, I think I need another sweater
I wanna thank you though for giving me the blessing
please lead me to the light I dont wanna keep guessing
keep stressin, thank you god, coz I got my lady by my side
thank you for saving me the many times I coulda died
sorry I lied, I’m still a work in progress
I’m sorry that I did a lot of stupid nonsense
my guilty conscience, has got the best of me
so peace and god bless thats all for now C’est la vie



Live on, live on, move on, move on
keep it going - keep it going yo we gotta keep on movin
Live on, live on, move on, move on
keep it going - keep it going yo we gotta keep on movin (2x)

(Yo its Kris Blade, R.I.P. Nancy Clamonte, R.I.P. Jean-Marc Daga aka Dagamuffin R.I.P. Aaron Chan, R.I.P. Baby Danger peace and one love yall.)